• There are many tools that can be good to have in their toolbox and one of them is a torque key . This key has several different application areas and is therefore a perfect base among your tools. At Bikester we have a large selection of this popular and user-friendly tool. There are a number of different types of torque wrenches and it is important to find one that fits perfectly for your purposes.

    Torque wrenches on Bikester

    Several models
    Best torque wrench is a tool that many cycling and car enthusiasts are frequent users of. When buying your torque wrench you should be sure of the type you need as there are different dimensions on the bracket itself that tighten the screws and nuts. We offer a large selection of first-class torque wrenches that fit a variety of dimensions. When shopping a torque wrench, it consists of a shaft and several different mountable sleeves with several different dimensions. With a simple hand grip you can loosen the various sleeves and mount it as needed. To make it easier for the tool and the detachable parts not to come apart, there are several types of sets that include a practical storage box that is easy to open and close. You can choose from several different kinds of sets that accommodate different many removable parts with different dimensions. For example, it is excellent to work with a torque wrench when attaching and loosening carbon fiber products. Many parts onbikes, cars and other vehicles need to be tightened with a special accuracy and then a torque wrench is a must.

    Torque wrenches on Bikester

    Be prepared

    When you engage in a sport, you are usually prepared with some spare parts that may need to be replaced if they become broken or worn. Many cyclists are equipped with repair kits for punctures on the tires and hose, or with extra batteries for the cycling lights that may be exhausting. When you devote yourself wholeheartedly to the bike sport or any other sport, it is important that you perform certain services at regular intervals so that everything will work optimally. Bikester has a large range of first-class tools that can make it easier for you when you service your bike, car or other vehicle that needs precise adjustment:

    Digital torque wrench
    Manual torque wrench
    Now you can invest in an advanced torque wrench when you buy a digitized one. This has a grip-friendly and ergonomic handle and an extremely large measuring precision with only a few percent deviation which is classified as within the margin of error. The clear LED display shows the settings and you can adjust the key settings by adjusting them on the plus and minus controls.

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